We will start the unit about landscapes by looking at some photographs and paintings by two artists.

"What can you see? Are they real landscapes? ......."

This is the stimulus material. The first activity consists on matching the titles with the landscapes.

The titles are: " A line made by walking England 1.967", " Roses garden" " Egiptyan night", " A line in the Himalayas"

1.975", "Southern gardens" "Midsummer circle", "Camel in the desert", "Seaside resort in the South of France" "Park".

external image c.gif
external image c.gif









Session 2.

Here are some materials to help the children understand the difference between signs and symbols. When using the flipchart on the whiteboard, the paintings will appear in black in order to focus with the zoom only the symbol about which the child will guess or make predictions.

A sheet to work on these aspects:

Session 3.

This power point shows us some information about Paul Klee's life and work. Before watching and talk about it, the pupils will search this information about Paul Klee:

The last power point´s slide " Magic fish" will be worked through these questions:

Session 5.

Some ideas for making posters, invitations in order to announce the class exhibition ( see Art from the menu of Haring kids page).